Personalized Solutions

Our entire team is dedicated to delivering each and every client the best personalized service anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s responding to requests or arranging detailed itineraries, our team is up for the challenge and available 24/7.

Planning Your Flight

Our services begin before the trip is booked. An experienced team ensures every detail of the itinerary is safe, feasible and logistically correct. We review everything, from airport choice to the performance of the preferred aircraft. Our Flight Coordinators are qualified and ready to handle any request including:

  • Last Minute Travel
  • Road Show Itinerarie
  • Group Charters

Booking the Right Aircraft, Transparent Quoting

With the pre-flight planning PlaneClear’s Flight Coordinators source the best available aircraft for the itinerary from a network of approved vendors. Once we identify a minimum of three aircraft options, Flight Coordinators assist you in selecting the best private aviation solution based on your personal needs and preferences. As part of our transparent booking process, all choices are presented with detailed information, including:

  • Aircraft Operator’s Information & Safety Qualifications
  • Aircraft Age & Date Last Refurbished
  • Pilot Qualifications
  • Aircraft Specifications & Performance Capabilities
  • Insurance Value

Flight Review

Our experienced Flight Coordinators are dedicated to ensuring that every journey is safe and seamless. Each trip is reviewed in detail 24 hours prior to scheduled departure, to identify any situation that could disrupt the flight’s progress. Their review process includes:

  • Reconfirming Operator & Pilot Qualification
  • Tracking Weather
  • Verifying Aircraft Performance in Anticipated Weather
  • Monitoring airport & FBO Conditions
  • Evaluating passenger & Baggage Load

Flight Following

PlaneClear’s Flight Follower Team ensures that each flight is executed as planned; confirming that every moving part, from catering to ground transportation, is on schedule. Each trip is assigned a specific Flight Follower who continually updates each individual involved in the trip, from chauffeur to personal assistant.

Quality Control

The transparency in our program enables PlaneClear to have the best quality control process in the industry. Knowing who is in control each step of each trip allows a client to review the service level of the operator, crew and each provider along the way. Our quality control process allows clients to build a personalized vendor network and improve the quality of the experience. This process includes:

  • Reviewing the Operator & Crew Quality of Service
  • Evaluating Aircraft Interior & Cleanliness
  • Ensuring Catering Satisfaction
  • Reviewing Ground Transportation
  • Approving Vendors for Future Use