Private Jet Companies

Chartering a private jet through a broker has often led to a great divide between product promised and what was ultimately delivered. Aircraft capabilities, operator safety standards and broker costs were either misrepresented or omitted along with in-flight amenities, catering and passenger needs.

That was then.

PlaneClear brings game-changing transparency to the private aviation charter industry. The company was created to bridge the gap in available information between the private aviation client and the operators who exercise control of their charter services. We provide impartial, personalized and totally transparent private aviation solutions delivered with integrity and dependability. The result is personally-tailored, cost-beneficial options as unique as the individual needs of our clients.

We understand all aspects of the process, including the brokering and operational sides of the charter business. It became clear to us that full transparency was needed. Our mission was to make every aspect of the private aircraft charter process plain and clear.

This is now.

PlaneClear defines the standard in private jet charter, allowing our card members unparalleled access to vital information in order to facilitate an accurate and informed decision when booking.  As a PlaneClear Debit Card Member, you always know with whom you are flying and the cost of services and can build a preferred vendor list and defined safety standards.