On Your Mark, Jet-Set, Super Bowl!

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by Nelima Kerre

America’s biggest sport is around the corner. This is the busiest game-related travel period and hundreds of luxury jets will arrive at the eight airports around metropolitan Phoenix by kickoff Sunday, adding to the thousands of flights expected over the weekend.

When Arizona last hosted the Super Bowl in 2008 (which coincided with the end of the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament), they had a mess on their hands with departures. This time round, they have teamed up with the FAA to better manage air traffic through the requirement of reservations from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2 for arrivals and departures to airports in the region.

As of Tuesday Jan. 27, Scottsdale had 868 reservations for the weekend. Space is tight, but we still have availability for flights from NE, SE, the Midwest, Northern California and Southern California.

The Journey is Half the Fun. Arrive at the Super Bowl in Luxurious Style.

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