Snow Storms & Private Jet Alternatives


Winter Storm Juno, Private Jets

by Nelima Kerre

Snowstorms are an air traveler’s nightmare. Flights are delayed and/or cancelled. After the storm has passed, airlines and airports take days to recover. Nearly 8,000 flights were cancelled due to Winter Storm Juno . As of 11:45 am Wednesday Jan 28th 2015,  FlightAware was reporting 558 delays and 650 cancellations within, into or out of the United States. Of the cancellations, 108 were departing from Boston Logan Intl, 106 from La Guardia, 74 from JFK Intl and 54 from Newark Intl.

Extreme weather affect both public and private aviation as private aviation ascribes to the same FAA safety rules as commercial airlines. However, once the storm subsides private aviation is able to rebound much faster because private jets can access 10 times more airports than commercial airlines. Private airports become functional much quicker because they are smaller and have less snow to be removed. Private jets are also more flexible in terms of departure times and a flight can be organized a mere two hours before take off.

In the last 2 days we have taken more requests than usual as well as booked a significantly higher number flights within, into or out of the U.S. For advice and help with booking flights feel free to contact us at 1.877.359.1101 or request a quote through our website and one of the members of our Flight Team will be most happy to assist you.